Where is Ultimate produced?
Ultimate is produced in the in the beautiful country town of Kiewa, in Victoria, using 100% Australian milk.

What pack formats do you have in Danone Ultimate?
We have 4x115g multipacks.

Why has your formula changed?
We love to get feedback from our customers and use it to improve our products. Ultimate customers told us they wanted thicker, creamier yoghurt so we made improvements our recipe to make sure we delivered. We have also upgraded the recipe by increasing fruit content in some of our flavours.

How long has Danone been around for?
Danone was originally founded in Barcelona in 1919 – when Isaac Carasso crafted a new yoghurt to help with digestion. Since then Danone has grown in to a global company – bringing health and amazing flavours to people all over the world.

Can Ultimate products be consumed by vegetarians?
Yes, lacto and ovo-lacto vegetarians can consume Ultimate, but vegans cannot as Ultimate contains dairy.