Simple pleasures are something we should fill our lives with.

We find happiness in many different ways - from our relationships, our achievements and from life's big milestones. But what of the little moments that fill our day? The ones that are easy to forget, the quieter ones, the ones that leave that little smile at the corner of our mouth.

At Danone, we love a day filled with those smiles, and this sits at the heart of our promise.

Since 1919, Danone's Master Yoghurt Makers have set out to deliver on the simple pleasures, because we believe that the little things in life are important. That's why we are committed to delivering on the little things every step of the way.

We work hard to develop and refine our unique and delicious Ultimate recipes so that when you stop to enjoy The Ultimate Yoghurt by Danone - it always leaves your day feeling a little more special.

The Ultimate Yoghurt by Danone, it's the simple pleasures.