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Where is Ultimate produced?

In Kiewa, country Victoria from 100 % Australian milk

Is Ultimate produced using Australian milk?

Yes , we use 100% Australian milk

Which pack formats do you have in Danone Ultimate?

160g singles, 4x125g multipacks and 850g large tubs

How much sugar do Ultimate products contain?

Ultimate products contain 3 teaspoons of sugar per 100g, of which 50% comes from the natural sugar in milk (lactose)

How much fat do Ultimate products contain?

Ultimate products are made from whole milk and a touch of cream, and contain 6.4-7g of fat per 100g

How much fruit do Ultimate products contain?

Ultimate products typically contain 7-10g of fruit per 100g

Do Ultimate products contain lactose?


Do Ultimate products contain Gluten?


Are Ultimate products safe for people allergic to soy and nuts?

Ultimate Lemon Cream contains traces of soy and Raspberry & White Chocolate contains traces of soy, hazelnuts and almonds, however other flavours are free from these allergens

Can Ultimate products be consumed by vegetarians?

Yes, Lacto and Ovo–Lacto vegetarians can consume Ultimate, but Vegans cannot as Ultimate contains dairy.