With all the exciting changes happening at Ultimate, we thought you might have some questions.
Here are ten of the most commonly asked. If you can't find the answer you're looking for, just head to our Contact us page and get in touch.

1. Where is Ultimate produced?

Ultimate is produced in the in the beautiful country town of Kiewa, in Victoria, using 100% Australian milk.

2. What pack formats do you have in Danone Ultimate?

We have 4x115g multipacks.

3. Why has the size of your pots changed to 115g?

As part of our commitment to providing healthy and well-balanced products to our consumers, we have reduced our portion size from 125g to 115g, and reduced the amount of sugar in each cup. We always strive to offer the best value possible, so having reduced our portion size we have also reduced the price of our product from $4.40 to $4.00.

4. Will there still be promotions now that you've reduced your price?

Yes - we always strive to offer the best possible value, so we will continue to promote our products.

5. Why have the cups changed colour?

We have redesigned our packaging - to give the brand the fresh, modern, indulgent look it deserves. This involved changing the cups to white to match our brand colour.

6. Why has your formula changed?

We love to get feedback from our customers and use it to improve our products. Ultimate customers told us they wanted thicker, creamier yoghurt that was a little less sweet - so we made slight changes to our recipe to make sure we delivered.

7. How much sugar do your 4 packs have?

On average 12.5g of sugar per 100g - which is less than Gippsland, Dairy Farmers and Chobani Flip!

8. How long has Danone been around for?

Danone was originally founded in Barcelona in 1919 - when Isaac Carasso crafted a new yoghurt to help with digestion. Since then Danone has grown in to a global company - bringing the best in great health and amazing flavours to people all over the world.

9. Can Ultimate products be consumed by vegetarians?

Yes, lacto and ovo-lacto vegetarians can consume Ultimate, but vegans cannot as Ultimate contains dairy.